Malta International Food Festival

8 thoughts on “Malta International Food Festival”

    1. I am still happy we went and experienced it but yes it was a bit disappointing. I met someone who was pretty disappointed with it last year as well. Lets hope it will improve.


  1. Not exactly a ringing endorsement! Sounds like the event geared towards the convenience of the restaurants rather than the enjoyment of the guests. It’s good to expose this sort of thing to avoid disappointment…


  2. I think that this specific blog is slightly exaggerated, especially coming from an Italian like me who complain a lot! They notified everyone that festival was postponed because of the weather in the first weekend. I took tasters, together with my partner, from every single stand. There was a big menu for one to follow with tasters and everything. I decided to take tasters to taste from different kitchens and there was a big choice; me any partner shared around 14 tasters and there were more, we were just full 😀 I don’t think it’s nice to have such a blog just portraying negative feedback on a free cultural event. I have an event’s company and a blog myself; I write down both the negative and the positive but I focus on the positive aspect. Good vibes bring good traffic. Best of luck.


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